Kings Landing Financial was founded on the principle that no two people are the same. So why would we take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your strategy? Our tailored approach considers all the components of a complete financial plan. Together, we will strive to achieve peace of mind through the knowledge that you have a personalized financial strategy built on sound insights and advice.

Too many of us have our financial life spread across many industry professionals who each have a different philosophy. This can lead to confusion, duplication and even counterproductive activities. By having industry professionals specializing in Tax, Mortgages, Insurance and Investments we are able to create a consolidated approach.

Our Commitment

  • Our commitment is to get to know you and discuss what’s important to you, now and for the future.
  • Our commitment is to create a comprehensive, personalized plan that helps you set appropriate goals and measures your progress along the way.
  • Our commitment is to be your guide, bringing you knowledge and expertise for your growth and wealth.
  • Our commitment is to provide superior client service

Our Mission

  • To earn our clients confidence that their finances are in good hands through, service, education and expertise.
  • To create comprehensive plans for our clients that mitigates their financial worry while achieving their goals.
  • To take a deep interest in societal needs, our goal is to help shape the surrounding communities in which we live and work.

The Team

Launching his career with TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice, Lenny boasts an impressive career within the finance industry. His résumé includes Registered Investment Broker at Laurentian Financial, Senior Account Manager Walton Capital Management and most notably, the youngest partner and Executive Vice President of Altaview Financial Group and FMP Mortgage Investments Inc.Lenny’s ten plus years in the industry have led to an extensive Fixed Income expertise, Risk Mitigation experience, vast knowledge within the Real Estate Investment market and a specialized understanding of the Alternative Investment industry.
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Lenny Kerman, President
Beginning her career with Sheridan Brothers as a Research Associate and later a Registered Investment Broker, Colleen developed a profound understanding of market volatility. Employed on the Institutional trading side afforded her the opportunity to work with high net worth individuals with portfolios in excess of $2 million dollars. It was here that she developed a strong appreciation of full picture financial planning.Colleen is Investment, Mortgage and Insurance licensed specializing in risk mitigation via insurance, investment, retirement and estate planning.
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Colleen McKay, Financial Advisor